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SAMURAI ARMOR BAG is a new product line designed for used today applying technique of Kyoto doll production known as traditional craftwork of Kyoto, Japan. In the age of provincial wars, samurai wore a suit of armor to protect the body from attach by an enemy. Making body-armor, which is like dressed-up in your best clothes to the samurai warriors, is quite unique to bring parts of plates joining tightly to completion of one sheet of material of body-armor. Today this technique is used for boys doll wearing armor to display on the Boy’s Day, May 5th,??celebrating the birth of a boy in the family. The craftsman, who is one of few trained artisans in Japan, who has technique of creating these traditional small dolls, had made sturdy one-piece of material to launch the line of SAMURAI ARMOR BAG. The bags have a fresh samurai expression by using original aluminum parts, to seek lightness for the bag, matched-up with leather.

[Made]Kyoto, Japan
[Weight]100 g
[Size]Width 20cm / Height 7cm / Gusset 1cm
[Material]Cowhide / Aluminum Plate / Rayon / Cotton
Aluminum plates are applied on one side of the bag.

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