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Karakami-KIT SHIKI Series of the four seasons

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This kit is for printing the traditional design of Kyo-karakami to a message card with your own hands.
The tools in the kit are made as realistic as possible, since we believe that "hon ma mon" (the real thing) is really important. the carved wood is made of the same magnolia tree used in the actual traditional process, and the paint is also the same paint colors.
By using the actual materials, we made it possible for you to experience the actual traditional process quite easily.
All the designs of Karakami Gift are carved as miniature models of our own original printing wood designs.

・Eda-zakura(Branch cherry)
spring /Taste of Machiya (Tradesman's house)
This represents flowers of Yin and Yang (the positive and negative principles of Chinese philosophy) by turns and more, represents slightly thin cherry blossoms with thin flower petals and another large cherry blossoms like drawings of Korin, showing the variation.

・Ohnami(Giant wave)
summer / Taste of Samurais and Machiya
Dynamic wave pattern combining the wave of Kourin pattern with a look of a rough coast and showy wave crest emphasized decoratively.

・Kaede(Maple tree)
fall / Taste of Machiya
Kaede(Maple) is the name came from a hand ashape of a frog. We call colored leaves "Kyoto". This represents realistic maple leaves, showing the variation with shade and sunshine.

・Yukibana(Snow flowers)
Winter / Taste of those who appreciate tea ceremony Assortment of various crystals of snow. We are surprised by the power of observation of the ancient people.

・printing block(a plate of magnolia tree)
・large bamboo tube(Kira powder,funori-paste,mixing powder)
・thin bamboo tube(golden Kira powder,funori-paste,mixing powder)
・postcard(Japanese paper)

size : W20.3×D26×H6
weight : 1,430g

*Tax and shipping not included.

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