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Karakami-KIT BOTAN-KARAKUSA ~Peony and arabesque pattern series~

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This kit is for printing the traditional design of Kyo-karakami to a message card with your own hands.
The tools in the kit are made as realistic as possible, since we believe that "hon ma mon" (the real thing) is really important. the carved wood is made of the same magnolia tree used in the actual traditional process, and the paint is also the same paint colors.
By using the actual materials, we made it possible for you to experience the actual traditional process quite easily.
All the designs of Karakami Gift are carved as miniature models of our own original printing wood designs.

・Botan-karakusa (Peony and arabesque)
Taste of general people and of Court nobles
A tree peony is native to China and has been thought a king of all sorts of flowers. And since it blooms with magnificent big flowers, it has been representative of a symbol of riches and honors. The arabesque (intertwined foliage) pattern originated in Mesopotamia, Egypt and through the Silk Road it was introduced to Japan.
The vital force of vines in this lucky pattern was considered to mean development.
And the combination with various flowers and foliage, representing the Japanese taste.
This pattern is the copy of the pattern of writing paper used in "The collected poems of 36 poets" = designated as a National Treasure - in the Heian period, which is called the treasure house of decorative writing paper.
This is one of the typical patterns of those days when Karakami writing paper had a golden age.

・printing block(a plate of magnolia tree)
・large bamboo tube(Kira powder,funori-paste,mixing powder)
・thin bamboo tube(golden Kira powder,funori-paste,mixing powder)
・postcard(Japanese paper)

size : W20.3×D26×H6
weight : 1,430g

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